To be recognized as providing excellent quality of life in our home and community through a holistic, Christian approach to all persons.

our history

The Mariann Home was established in 1979.

Located at 9915 Yonge Street Richmond Hill Mariann Home is operated by the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood as a non-profit registered charity. Our Home is a HOME for the aged and the dependent, as it is dedicated to long term health care service.

Inherent in the care of our residents is the Christian dignity, worth and individuality of each individual we serve. About the Above Logo: M and H, the beginning letters of Mariann Home, form the basic shape of the logo. However, the symbol has multiple meanings interrelated with each other. The home was originally named after Mariannhill, the first foundation of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood near Durban, South Africa. This foundation was named so by Francis Planner, our Founder, to honour both Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Anne, his grandmother. The M and H combine to form a cross - the cross that stood above Calvary Hill. Being at the centre of the logo and of Mariann Home, the cross indicates the Christian spiritual dimension permeating the Home.