Our Mission

Based on the recognition of man's essential dignity and eternal destiny, this home is concerned with meeting the health of the people in this community.

Christ's love for man was demonstrated by His healing of the sick; so the Catholic Home must serve all men in charity, regardless of race, creed, or ethnic background.

Safe and comprehensive care includes ministering to the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of the residents.

Admission Process FAQ's

What types of rooms do The Mariann Home have?

The Mariann Home provides suites, private rooms and semi-private rooms. Each room has cable hook up and telephone hook up for their own private phone. Resident and families are encouraged to bring in their own personal belongings to help personalize the room and give it a more home like atmosphere.

What type of care does The Mariann Home provide?

The Mariann Home provides skilled care and intermediate care. Skilled care services are provided for those residents that have had a 3-over night stay in the hospital within the last 30 days and meet all the required criteria to use this Medicare benefit. The Mariann Home uses Trinity Regional Medical Center for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services. Those residents receiving skilled care may be in the facility for short term, to rehab and go home. Intermediate care is covered by private resources or Medicaid funding. This type of care is usually of longer duration or permanent placement. For the residents receiving Intermediate Care there is a in-house restorative therapy program provided at no extra charge.

Can I keep my current pharmacist?

The Mariann Home currently uses the Hy-Vee Drug store as the pharmacy for all medications that are dispensed to the residents. We ask all new residents coming to the facility to switch from their current pharmacy to Hy-Vee Drug Store as it is easier to work with one pharmacy and easier for the nurses to dispense medications to the residents. If you receive your medication from the VA, that is a viable option while a resident at the Marian Home. If there is any residents who qualify for VA benefits we will help them apply.

What's the food like?  Can I have food brought in from the outside?

The Mariann Home serves good home cooked meals. There is a full time dietician who oversees the meal preparation and Dr. orders for special diets. The dietician is open to suggestions for any changes residents would like to see in the menu. Families and friends are able to dine with their loved ones for a small fee. Families may also bring a meal in to their loved one, they can also take the resident out for meals if it is safe for the resident to do so.

What about visitation from family and friends?

The Mariann Home encourages family involvement. Families are encouraged to come and visit, do activities, take the residents on outings if it is possible. Residents are encouraged to keep busy and involved as much as possible and to make living at the Mariann Home a great experience.